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The Best 3D AI Generators in 2024 (With Examples)

Transforming Imagination: The Capabilities of 3D AI Generators

The realm of 3D AI generators has opened up avenues for creators to bring their imagination to life with minimal effort. With a simple text prompt or a sketch, these tools can generate realistic 3D models and animations, reducing the traditional hurdles of 3D design.

These companies are at the forefront of blending AI with 3D design, leading to quicker prototyping and enriched visual storytelling. By harnessing advanced AI algorithms, they're shifting the narrative, making 3D generation a seamless task for both professionals and novices alike.

With the advent of these tools, the gap between imagination and creation is narrowing. The ease and accessibility they provide are revolutionizing how we perceive 3D design and animation, making it an exciting era for digital artists and the broader creative industry.

3d glass globe makes a beautiful decoration, in the style of psychedelic landscapes, photobashing

Top Picks

Best Overall Unity
Users' Favorite Skybox
Most Affordable Luma AI

Showcasing Capabilities: Examples from Each 3D AI Generator

In our endeavor to offer detailed insight, we have crafted examples using each of the 3D AI generators from the companies covered. This initiative is aimed at providing a hands-on view of what each platform can manifest from a given input.

The results from each company will be diligently summarized, laying down a platform for a clear comparative analysis. This way, readers can visually comprehend the distinct capabilities and output quality, aiding in making an informed choice.

By delving into practical examples, we aim to unveil the potential harbored in each tool. The comparative summary will serve as a beacon for those seeking to understand and choose a 3D AI generator that resonates with their creative needs.

Unlocking Creativity: The Benefits of Working with 3D AI Generator

Vibrant digital playground where users and AI collaborate to craft intricate 3D models.

Embracing 3D AI generators unveils a playground of creativity. It's about more than just creating models; it's about telling stories in a visually captivating manner with a tool that simplifies the process yet amplifies the outcome.

The ease of use, coupled with the high-quality output, marks a significant shift in how creators approach 3D design. It's no longer a cumbersome task but an exciting venture, thanks to the AI-powered features these tools offer.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness and time-saving aspects of these generators are undeniable. They're not just tools but partners in creation, offering a canvas to create, experiment, and innovate, making the field of 3D design more inviting and accessible.

Guiding Your Choice: How Do I Choose the Best 3D AI Generator?

Futuristic guidance center with AI advisors assisting users.

When on the hunt for the best 3D AI generator, it's vital to consider the ease of use. A user-friendly interface with intuitive tools can significantly enhance the creative process, making your journey from idea to 3D model a smooth one.

Additionally, the quality and realism of the output are crucial. A generator that can create high-fidelity, realistic models and animations is a gem in the rough, providing a solid foundation for your projects.

Lastly, consider the community and support surrounding the tool. A robust community and responsive support can be a lifesaver when you encounter hurdles, ensuring a pleasant and productive experience as you venture into 3D design.

Pioneering Digital Sculpting: Can AI Make 3D Models?

Yes, the narrative that AI can make 3D models is not just a tale but a reality. The innovative technology embedded in AI-driven tools has made 3D modeling a task that's as simple as typing a text prompt or uploading an image.

These AI tools meticulously analyze the input, be it text or image, and craft 3D models that are both intricate and realistic. The precision and attention to detail showcased by these tools are remarkable, bringing a new era of digital sculpting.

The capabilities of AI in 3D modeling are bound to evolve, but the journey so far has been promising. The blend of AI with 3D design is a step towards a future where creating 3D models is an endeavor open to all, not just the tech-savvy.

Exploring the Spectrum: Tools for 3D AI Generator

1. Unity - Best Overall

Unity is a trailblazer in real-time 3D and 2D development, embodying a nexus where imagination meets reality. Its platform is an expansive playground for creators, facilitating the design of interactive 3D, 2D, VR, and AR projects. The vast array of tools at disposal makes the journey from conception to a live project smooth and intuitive​.

Rooted in gaming, Unity's scope has broadened to embrace various immersive experiences. The platform's real-time development ethos accelerates the journey from a mere idea to a tangible project, creating a conducive environment for innovation. This expansiveness is why Unity is synonymous with game development and beyond, fostering a community of creators ready to push the boundaries​.

Example From Unity

Unique Advantages of Unity

  • Robust Ecosystem: A thriving community and a wealth of resources bolster creativity and collaborative endeavors​.

  • Versatile Development: High-quality renders and excellent particle graphics make Unity a solid choice for AR projects and game development​​.

  • Asset Libraries: A comprehensive asset library saves time and aids in seamless game development​.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Build once, deploy everywhere ethos enhances operational efficiency.

  • Real-Time Development: Real-time analytics and insights are pivotal for optimizing user experiences and project outcomes​.

Unity Pricing

  • Starting Price: $185 per person per month (Unity Pro)​.

  • Free Package: Unity offers a free package.

    • Students:

      • Latest version of core Unity Platform

      • Free assets to accelerate projects

      • Resources for learning Unity

    • Personal (Hobbyists):

      • Latest version of core Unity Platform

      • Resources for getting started and learning Unity

    • Eligibility:

      • Students: 16 years and older, enrolled in accredited educational institution

      • Personal: Revenue less than $100K in the last 12 months​1​

unity best 3d ai generator pricing
Unity pricing

Best For

Unity shines in creating captivating gaming and immersive experiences. Its mix of a user-centric interface, robust tools, and a supportive community makes it the top choice for individuals and teams keen on delving into 3D, 2D, VR, or AR realms, irrespective of their industry.

* For further information, click on the link to read the full, in-depth, Unity review.

2. Skybox AI by Blockade Labs - Users' Favorite

Skybox AI, developed by Blockade Labs, is a beacon for those aspiring to create 3D immersive worlds using cutting-edge AI technology. It empowers users to effortlessly design interactive experiences, breaking down the traditional barriers between technology and creativity. The heart of Skybox AI lies in its capability to generate 360° skybox experiences, a feature that distinguishes it in a competitive market​.

The browser-based generative AI tool of Skybox AI is designed to create skybox environments from text prompts or rough sketches. Its recent updates have brought in features like free user accounts on the Skybox AI website, allowing users to browse or remix their previous skyboxes and review the text prompts used to generate each one. This blend of AI and user-friendly features make Skybox AI a sought-after tool for creators looking to design game-ready Skybox textures from text prompts​.

Our Example From Skybox AI

AI world, vibrant with bioluminescent life: trees emit a soft glow of various hues and colossal crystal formations refract their light, creating mesmerizing light shows. The day-night cycle is dictated by the rhythms of the glowing flora and fauna. As you explore, you discover new species and unravel the mysteries of this luminous world, providing a visually stunning experience rich in exploration and storytelling.

Unique Advantages of Skybox AI

  • Text-Prompt Driven: Create realistic 360-degree panoramic images or skybox environments using simple text prompts​.

  • Real-Time Generation: Swiftly generate immersive virtual spaces, saving precious time and resources​.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Browse, remix, and review previous skyboxes with ease, enhancing the creative process​.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Harness the latest advancements in AI for creating interactive 3D worlds​​.

  • Diverse Applications: Ideal for architects, animators, and marketers working on various 3D projects​.

Skybox AI Pricing

  • Starting Price: $12 per month.

  • Free Package: Skybox offers a free package.

    • 15 generations per month

    • Relaxed Generation Speed

    • CC-BY licensing

Skybox best 3d ai generator pricing

Best For

Skybox AI is a gem for professionals across different domains looking to visualize their ideas in 3D. Whether it's architects creating 3D models of their designs, animators crafting 360° experiences, or marketers developing interactive 360° videos, Skybox AI provides a conducive environment for bringing these creative visions to life​.

LeiaPix is a unique platform that thrives on bringing a new dimension of depth to images. Utilizing advanced AI and light field technology, it effortlessly transforms 2D images into immersive 3D representations. This transition is not just about enhancing the visuals; it's about creating a more sensory, engaging experience. By adding depth to images, LeiaPix invites viewers to connect emotionally with the visuals, making it more than just a superficial viewing experience.

A distinctive feature of LeiaPix is its ability to create Depth Animations, turning any image into a dynamic 3D animation. This is achieved through the industry-leading AI-generated depth map it provides, which is crucial for refining 3D animations. Whether it's about sharing these creations seamlessly or downloading them in various formats like MP4 or SBS, the platform supports it all. Furthermore, LeiaPix is not confined to professionals; its user-friendly interface ensures that even novices can explore and utilize the platform to bring their images to life​.

Our Example From LeiaPix


Beautiful model woman with red rose crown in backlight posing


Unique Advantages of LeiaPix

  • Intelligent Object Recognition: Aids in precise editing by automatically identifying and isolating objects in images​​.

  • Smart Retouching: Utilizes AI for subtle enhancements, making portrait retouching a breeze​.

  • Automated Background Removal: Save time with easy background removal, aiding in seamless compositing or visual effects creation​​.

  • Style Transfer: Apply various artistic styles to photos, transforming them into artistic pieces effortlessly​.

  • Offline Functionality: Allows for uninterrupted editing, even in areas with limited or no internet access​​.

LeiaPix Pricing

  • Starting Price: $10 for 1,000 Credits.

  • Free Package: LeiaPix offers a free package.

    • 60 Credits.

LeiaPix pricing
LeiaPix pricing

Best For

LeiaPix is a haven for individuals keen on transcending the traditional boundaries of image editing and exploring the realms of 3D. Whether you're a photographer, graphic designer, or social media enthusiast looking to elevate your visual content, LeiaPix stands as a reliable companion. Its array of features is tailored not just to meet the editing needs but to enhance the overall storytelling through images, making it a robust tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike​.

DeepMotion revolutionizes 3D animation creation with its AI-driven motion capture solution, Animate 3D. This platform extends the liberty to create realistic animations from videos, accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. With no need for specialized hardware or suits, it democratizes motion capture, making it a breeze for digital creators.

Whether it's customizing characters or refining animation settings, DeepMotion ensures a smooth journey from capturing motion to refining the final animation. Its pioneering features, like Face & Hand Tracking, Physics Simulation, and the Rotoscope Pose Editor, provide creators with the tools needed to produce high-fidelity 3D animations effortlessly.

Our Example From DeepMotion



Unique Advantages of DeepMotion

  • Accessible Motion Capture: No hardware or suits are required, making motion capture convenient and accessible.

  • Customizable Animation Settings: Offers control and flexibility to create realistic animations.

  • AI-Powered: Utilizes AI for accurate motion capture and animation creation.

  • Real-Time 3D Body Tracking: Enables real-time tracking for a seamless animation creation experience.

  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly, facilitating easy navigation and utilization of features.

DeepMotion Pricing

  • Starting Price: $15 per month.

  • Free Package: DeepMotion offers a free package.

    • 60 credits per month.

DeepMotion pricing options - an array of affordable bundles tailored to diverse user needs
DeepMotion pricing

Best For

DeepMotion is a boon for digital creators aiming to streamline their animation pipeline. Its AI-powered markerless motion capture and real-time 3D body tracking capabilities are game changers for anyone venturing into the realm of 3D animation, be it professionals or enthusiasts.

5. Luma AI - Most Affordable

Luma AI unveils a realm of possibilities with its Imagine 3D platform, a creative haven for those intrigued by 3D modeling. Imagine 3D allows users to prototype and create stunning 3D visuals using text input, simplifying the process of 3D design. This early experiment, launched in 2022, is gradually opening its doors to everyone on the waitlist, making 3D design a more accessible venture​.

At the core of Imagine 3D is the objective to foster a seamless integration between text and 3D visualization. The platform empowers users to craft lifelike 3D models, integrating new features to enhance the creative journey. Whether it's about generating photorealistic 3D assets or environments, Luma AI is dedicated to providing a cutting-edge solution that embodies authenticity and unique details in 3D modeling​​.

Our Example From Luma AI


Skull with multicolor flowers and leaves


Unique Advantages of Luma AI

  • Text-Driven 3D Design: Facilitates 3D modeling through simple text input, breaking down complex barriers in design​​.

  • Quick Prototyping: Accelerate the 3D design process by rapidly turning ideas into visual prototypes​​.

  • High-Quality Outputs: Generate photorealistic 3D assets and environments with a focus on authenticity and detail​.

  • Accessibility: With its waitlist system, Luma AI is gradually expanding access to Imagine 3D, making 3D design more inclusive​​.

  • Innovative Features: Continuously integrating new features to empower users in their creative endeavors​.

Luma AI Pricing

  • Starting Price: Using the API service incurs a fee of only $1 per capture.

  • Free Package: Luma AI is 100% free.

Luma AI Pricing
Luma AI Pricing

Best For

Luma AI is a treasure for both seasoned designers and novices who are enchanted by the world of 3D modeling. Its Imagine 3D platform is especially enticing for individuals who appreciate the fusion of simplicity and innovation in design. With Luma AI, the journey from textual ideas to stunning 3D visuals is not only achievable but also an enjoyable venture​.

Krikey AI is a multifaceted platform that offers a suite of tools for creating and animating 3D characters. The heart of Krikey AI is its Animation Maker, where users can generate videos, games, and more. With a focus on simplifying the animation process, it houses a 3D Animation Editor that allows customization of AI animations with unique facial expressions and hand gestures. This platform is a gateway to thousands of high-fidelity animations, making the creation process as fluid as possible​​.

Transcending traditional animation boundaries, Krikey AI provides tools like AI Text to Animation and AI Video to Animation. These features convert text prompts or videos with human motion into lively 3D character animations. The platform also includes an Avatar Generator, enabling users to design and animate custom 3D avatars. Whether a game developer, a video creator, or a social media enthusiast, Krikey AI has something to offer to a broad spectrum of users, making animation creation an engaging and easy endeavor​​.

Our Example From Krikey AI

Picture AI-enhanced avatar animations where each movement and expression is dynamic and adaptive. From the intensity of virtual sports to the tranquility of a serene landscape, your avatar responds realistically to the environment and interactions. This blend of AI and animation offers an immersive and personalized layer to your virtual experiences.


Unique Advantages of Krikey AI

  • User-Friendly: Suitable for a wide range of users, making the animation creation process accessible and enjoyable​.

  • Real-Time Object Detection & Facial Recognition: Enhances the accuracy and realism of animations​.

  • AI-Powered Animation Tools: Utilizes AI to convert text or videos into 3D animations, simplifying animation creation​​.

  • Customizable Avatar Creation: Offers tools for designing and animating personalized 3D avatars​​.

  • Variety of Pricing Options: Provides different pricing tiers catering to various user needs and budget constraints​​.

Krikey AI Pricing

  • Starting Price: $14.99 per month.

  • Free Package: Krikey offers a free package.

    • 20 credits (One time grant)

    • 15 second timeline length for content creation.

Visual representation of diverse Krikey pricing packages
Krikey AI pricing

Best For

Krikey AI is an all-encompassing platform for anyone keen on diving into the world of 3D animation. Its user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools make it a go-to solution for creating unique characters and animations. Whether you are venturing into game development, video creation, or simply exploring animation for social media, Krikey AI stands as a robust and intuitive platform to bring your creative imaginings to life​.

Nurturing Creativity: Tips for Harnessing 3D AI Generators

Dive in with a clear vision. Knowing what you want to create helps in utilizing the 3D AI generator to its full potential. It's like having a map before embarking on a journey, guiding your creative process smoothly.

Don't shy away from experimenting. These tools are designed to foster creativity. Play around with different features, and learn how each modification affects the final output. It's a learning curve that's both enjoyable and rewarding.

Engage with the community. Learning from others' experiences and sharing your own can provide valuable insights. It's a shared journey of discovery that not only enhances your skills but also contributes to the broader creative ecosystem.

Wrapping Up The Journey: A Gist of the 3D AI Generators Exploration

3D holographic sculptures in a modern art gallery.

We embarked on an exploratory journey through the innovative realm of 3D AI generators, shedding light on various platforms that are transforming imagination into tangible visuals. Our venture unveiled the ease and accessibility these tools offer to both seasoned creators and newcomers.

Through a deep dive into each company, we offered a glimpse into the practical application of these tools, offering examples that showcased their unique capabilities. The comparative analysis aims to guide readers in making an informed choice based on their creative needs and preferences.

Lastly, we shared some handy tips to nurture creativity while using these generators. The essence of this article is to bridge the gap between imagination and creation, making 3D design an enjoyable venture for all. The exploration herein is a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie in the fusion of AI and 3D design.


Unveiling Clarity: FAQs in the Realm of 3D AI Generators

Here, we've curated and answered some of the most frequently asked questions in the field of 3D AI Generator, aimed at providing you with a clearer understanding and aiding your journey in this innovative domain.

Question: What is the learning curve for mastering a 3D AI generator?

Answer: The learning curve can vary based on the platform and the user's prior knowledge. However, 3D AI generators are designed to be user-friendly, making it easier for individuals to start creating without a steep learning curve.

Question: Can 3D AI generators handle complex projects?

Question: Are the outputs from 3D AI generators ready for professional use?

Question: How do 3D AI generators differ from traditional 3D modeling software?

Question: Are there any limitations to what can be created with a 3D AI generator?

Question: Can 3D AI generators work alongside traditional 3D modeling software?

Question: How time-saving are 3D AI generators?

Question: Is the technology behind 3D AI generators constantly evolving?

Question: Do 3D AI generators require a powerful computer?

Question: Can I use 3D AI generators for commercial projects?


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