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The Best AI Software for Photo Editing in 2024

The Evolution of AI in Photo Editing: A Game Changer

AI software for photo editing has drastically transformed the way we approach image manipulation. With AI, tasks that once took hours of manual labor, like object removal or background alteration, are now accomplished in mere seconds. This shift not only saves time but also opens doors to creativity, allowing for more experimentation and artistic freedom in photo editing.

The rise of AI in photo editing has democratized the field. What previously required extensive experience and costly software, now lies within reach of anyone with a smartphone or computer. AI algorithms simplify complex tasks, making high-quality photo editing attainable for all skill levels.

AI software in photo editing is continuously learning and improving. With every image processed, these systems become more refined, leading to more accurate and realistic edits. This constant evolution ensures that AI photo editing tools remain at the cutting edge, consistently providing users with the best possible results.

Split view in a digital art studio: raw, unedited photo on one side, and the same photo transformed by AI on the other, showcasing dramatic enhancements.

Benefits of Leveraging AI in Photo Editing: Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency

Advanced AI interface with floating holographic displays showing various AI photo editing stages, in a high-tech workspace with neon lighting, illustrating AI's transformative impact in photo editing.

Enhanced Efficiency and Speed

A major advantage of AI in photo editing is its exceptional efficiency. AI dramatically reduces the time spent on tedious editing tasks, enabling photographers and designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.

Precision and Quality 

AI algorithms excel in performing tasks with a precision that typically exceeds human capabilities. Whether it's refining edges in a complex background or colorizing old photographs, AI ensures high-quality results with remarkable attention to detail.

Facilitating Creative Exploration

With AI handling the more mundane aspects of photo editing, creatives have more room to experiment and explore. This not only fosters unique artistic expression but also promotes ongoing learning and development in digital imaging.

Choosing the Best AI Software for Photo Editing: Key Considerations

An artist in a digital studio working on an interactive display with AI-powered photo editing tools, surrounded by colorful art pieces.

Assessing Your Specific Needs

When looking for the best AI software for photo editing, start by assessing your specific needs. Consider the types of edits you frequently perform, the complexity of your projects, and your proficiency level. Different software caters to varying requirements, so identifying your needs is crucial.

Evaluating AI Capabilities

The core AI capabilities of the software are a critical consideration. Seek tools with advanced capabilities such as object recognition, automated background removal, and AI-powered enhancements. The more sophisticated the AI, the more efficient and effective your editing process will be.

User Experience and Support

Besides AI prowess, consider the overall user experience. A user-friendly interface, robust support, and a strong community can greatly enhance your editing process. Additionally, check for regular updates and improvements, which indicate a commitment to evolving and refining the software.

How to Use AI to Edit Photos: A Practical Guide

User in VR gear interacting with a 3D holographic photo editing interface, showcasing advanced AI tools in a sleek, high-tech environment with shades of blue and silver.

Getting to Know AI Tools

Begin by familiarizing yourself with various AI tools available for photo editing. Learn about their functions, like automatic color correction, object removal, and style applications, to leverage their capabilities effectively.

Balancing AI with Manual Inputs

While AI provides efficiency, it's not always a standalone solution. Combining AI tools with manual editing ensures a perfect blend of accuracy and personal flair, often resulting in the most compelling images.

Practice and Experimentation

Mastering AI in photo editing requires practice. Experiment with different tools and features to understand their potential and limitations. The more you explore AI tools, the better you'll integrate them into your creative workflow.

Exploring Tools for AI Software in Photo Editing

Cutout Pro is a comprehensive AI-powered photo editing platform offering a range of features for efficient image and video design. Its tools include background removal, image restoration, enhancement, effects, and filters. Its AI prowess includes facial and hair segmentation, among other features, all aimed at streamlining and accelerating the photo editing process.

Cutout Pro is notable for its intuitive interface and its capacity for rapidly processing large volumes of media. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who require quick, high-quality editing. The platform is also noted for its API integration, providing developers with the means to incorporate its features into their own applications.

Unique Advantages of Cutout Pro

  • Automated Background Removal: Simplifies the editing process by removing backgrounds from images and videos efficiently.

  • AI-Powered Enhancements: Offers tools for image and video quality improvement, including upscaling and resolution enhancement.

  • Diverse Application: Suitable for various purposes, including e-commerce, design, and personal use.

  • API Integration: Enables seamless integration into other applications, enhancing their media processing capabilities.

  • Wide Range of Tools: Provides a broad spectrum of tools for different editing needs, including face cutout, photo animation, and colorizing old photos.

Cutout Pro Pricing

  • Starting Price: $5 per month

  • Free Package or Trial: Offers a free package that provides 5 credits.

Cutout.Pro best AI software for photo editing Pricing
Cutout.Pro Pricing

Best For

Cutout Pro is best suited for users seeking a versatile and user-friendly AI photo editing solution. It's particularly beneficial for those handling large volumes of images or videos, such as e-commerce businesses, photographers, and content creators, who require efficient, high-quality editing without the need for extensive manual effort.

* For further information, click on the link to read the full, in-depth, Cutout Pro review.

Skylum Luminar AI revolutionizes photo editing with its AI-driven tools, offering an intuitive experience for both beginners and professionals. Key features like Templates provide a straightforward way to start editing RAW or JPEG photos, making it accessible even for those unfamiliar with photo editing. The software is designed to get users substantially through the editing process with minimal effort.

Luminar AI distinguishes itself as a powerful plugin for existing Lightroom, Photoshop, and MacOS Photos users. It complements these platforms by adding AI-powered tools that are not available in Adobe apps, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows. This approach positions Luminar AI not just as standalone software but as an enhancement to other popular image editing software.

Unique Advantages of Skylum Luminar AI

  • Templates for Quick Editing: Offers a variety of pre-set templates for quick and effective photo enhancements.

  • Plugin Integration: Seamlessly integrates as a plugin with Lightroom, Photoshop, and MacOS Photos.

  • Time-Saving AI Tools: Includes AI tools for tasks like body slimming or sky replacement, which are normally time-consuming.

  • Layer-Based Editing: Popular among advanced users for its layer-based editing capabilities.

  • Developer Support: Regular updates ensure continuous improvement and the addition of new features.

Skylum Luminar AI Pricing

  • Starting Price: $9.95 per month.

  • Free Trial: Skylum Luminar AI doesn't offer a free trial.

Skylum Luminar best AI software for photo editing Pricing
Skylum Luminar AI Pricing

Best For

Skylum Luminar AI is best suited for photographers and content creators who need an efficient and intuitive AI-powered editing tool. It's particularly advantageous for those who already use Lightroom or Photoshop, as it enhances these platforms with unique AI capabilities, simplifying complex editing tasks.

Phot ai provides a comprehensive AI photo editing platform with a wide array of features catering to diverse user needs. Key functionalities include background editing with text prompts, comprehensive image editing tools, and object editing capabilities. The platform's AI-driven photo editor allows users to create images based on textual descriptions, bringing their visions to life with remarkable ease.

Phot ai is designed to cater to a wide audience, from seasoned photographers to casual enthusiasts. It's particularly user-friendly, with a focus on simplifying the photo editing process through AI technology. Users can create personalized AI avatars, and the platform supports a variety of other creative endeavors, making it a comprehensive tool for digital image manipulation.

Unique Advantages of Phot ai

  • Background Editing with Text Prompts: Enables users to modify image backdrops using simple text descriptions.

  • Versatile Image Editing Tools: Offers a broad range of editing options, including filters, designs, and geometric shapes.

  • Object Editing Capabilities: Allows adding, removing, or altering elements within photos with ease.

  • AI-Powered Creativity: Lets users conceptualize and create images based on textual descriptions.

  • AI Avatar Maker: Facilitates the creation of personalized avatars suitable for various online platforms.

Phot ai Pricing

  • Starting Price: $9 per month.

  • Free Trial: offers limited feature access with up to 10 monthly photo modifications in reduced resolution. Pricing Pricing

Best For

Phot ai is best suited for individuals and businesses looking for an accessible and versatile AI-powered photo editing tool. It's ideal for those who require a range of creative options, from basic image editing to more complex tasks like avatar creation and background manipulation.

Adobe Photoshop, renowned for its powerful image editing capabilities, has embraced AI to enhance its functionalities further. With features like Generative Expand, users can effortlessly extend the canvas of an image, adding content that seamlessly integrates with the original. The platform also includes advanced tools such as Content-Aware Fill, powered by AI, for easy removal and replacement of elements in images.

Photoshop's AI capabilities extend to subject selection with a single click, refining hair selections and replacing backgrounds easily. The AI integration in Photoshop is not only about adding new tools but also about enhancing the efficiency and ease of use of existing features. This makes it a comprehensive choice for both professional and casual users who seek precision and creativity in their photo editing tasks.

Unique Advantages of Adobe Photoshop AI

  • Generative Expand: Allows users to expand images seamlessly, ideal for content creation and commercial applications.

  • AI-Powered Editing Tools: Includes advanced features like Content-Aware Fill for removing and replacing elements effortlessly.

  • Efficient Subject Selection: Simplifies isolating main elements in photos, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Refined Hair Selection: AI helps in capturing intricate details like hair strands, reducing manual effort.

  • Background Replacement: Provides easy-to-use tools for changing and enhancing image backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop Pricing

  • Starting Price: $22.99 per month.

  • Free Trial: Adobe Photoshop offers a 7-day free trial.

Adobe Photoshop Pricing
Adobe Photoshop Pricing

Best For

Adobe Photoshop is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts desiring a comprehensive, AI-augmented photo editing solution. It's ideal for those who require detailed editing, creative freedom, and the reliability of well-established software.

Pixlr offers a flexible online photo editing solution, serving a broad spectrum of users, from individual hobbyists to large enterprise clients. As a Flash-based platform, Pixlr is notable for its accessibility, as it can be used across different devices and operating systems with a Flash plugin. The app shines with its user-friendly design and free access, ideal for artists and content creators seeking speedy and effective photo editing solutions.

Pixlr offers a comprehensive photo editing interface with a variety of tools. It includes multiple-layer options for in-depth editing and fully customizable brushes, among other features. Although it is more suitable for making small changes, Pixlr also offers a powerful design tool for creating graphics for social media, banners, flyers, and more. The design tool is user-friendly and includes a large collection of templates, adding to its versatility.

Unique Advantages of Pixlr

  • Versatile and Accessible: Easily accessible on various browsers and devices, including mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • Rich Editing Features: Offers a wide range of editing tools, including effects, layers, color replacements, and more.

  • Quick Fix Options: Ideal for quick edits and touch-ups, suitable for users on the go or those needing minor adjustments.

  • Design Tool: Provides an advanced design tool for creating graphics with animations, texts, multiple layers, and more.

  • Free and Safe: Available for free, with no current indications that the company is planning to charge users soon.

Pixlr Pricing

  • Starting Price: $1.99 per month.

  • Free Trial: Pixlr offers a robust set of features.

    • With adds.

    • No AI-powered tools.

  • Plus Plan: $1.99 per month, ad-free with unlimited saves and 80 monthly AI Credits.

  • Premium Plan: $7.99 per month, includes 1000 monthly AI Credits and access to a large library of fonts, templates, etc.

  • Team Plan: $12.99 per month, ideal for managing team members with 5 premium seats included and 1000 monthly AI Credits per seat.

Pixlr Pricing
Pixlr Pricing

Best For

Pixlr is best suited for freelance artists, small businesses, and enterprises needing a no-cost, lightweight app for photo editing and graphic design. It's also great for users looking for a tool that offers both quick fixes and deeper editing capabilities.

Canva, predominantly known for its user-friendly design tools, also incorporates powerful AI-driven photo editing capabilities. The platform stands out for its simplicity and accessibility, making it highly suitable for beginners and casual users. Canva's AI photo editor, Magic Edit, allows for easy manipulation of images, including automatic detection of foreground and background, and offers tools for quick adjustments like warmth, brightness, and saturation.

Canva's AI features extend beyond basic photo editing to offer advanced functionalities like Magic Grab, which simplifies the process of moving subjects or tweaking elements in pictures. The app's versatility is evident in its ability to cater to various user needs, from creating social media graphics to professional business designs. Even with its extensive features, Canva keeps a simple user interface, allowing beginners in photo editing to easily produce professional-grade results.

Unique Advantages of Canva

  • Intuitive AI Editing: Streamlines complex tasks, making photo editing accessible to all skill levels.

  • Versatile Design Tools: Canva extends its capabilities beyond photo editing, providing diverse design solutions for a multitude of uses.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Supports collaborative work, making it ideal for team projects.

  • Comprehensive Editing and Design Platform: Combines photo editing with graphic design, document creation, and more in a single platform.

  • High Accessibility: Canva is highly responsive and available across desktop and mobile devices.

Canva Pricing

  • Starting Price: $14.99 per month.

  • Free Package or Trial: Canva provides a basic package with essential features and a 30-day trial for its premium offerings.

Canva Pricing
Canva Pricing

Best For

Canva is ideal for a wide range of users, from graphic designers and photographers to business professionals and educators. Its ease of use and extensive feature set make it a valuable tool for creating a variety of visual content, including photo edits, social media graphics, and professional presentations​​​​​​​​.

PicWish is an AI-powered online photo editing platform designed to streamline various image-processing tasks. It offers a range of tools, including background remover, photo enhancer, and face enhancement, making it a versatile choice for users with different editing needs. Its user-friendly interface and efficient processing capabilities cater to both personal and professional use.

PicWish distinguishes itself with features like AI art generation and photo retouching, which allow for creative and high-quality image transformations. This platform is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses for product image enhancements and for professionals in need of efficient photo editing solutions. The ease of use and quick processing time make PicWish an appealing choice for those requiring speedy editing without compromising on quality.

Unique Advantages of PicWish

  • AI-Powered Tools: Offers tools like background remover, photo enhancer, and retouching for efficient editing.

  • Versatility in Use: Suitable for personal, professional, and e-commerce photo editing.

  • Quick and User-Friendly: Provides fast processing with an intuitive interface.

  • API Services: These are available for businesses and developers who are integrating PicWish's editing solutions into applications or websites.

  • Wide Range of Supported Image Types: Supports various image formats like PNG, JPG, and JPEG.

PicWish Pricing

  • Starting Price: $5.99 per month.

  • Free Package or Trial: PicWish allows saving images without a watermark and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

PicWish Pricing
PicWish Pricing

Best For

PicWish is best suited for individuals, e-commerce businesses, and professionals who require quick and efficient photo editing. It's also a viable option for developers looking to integrate advanced image-processing features into their applications​​​​​​.

Photoroom is a photo editing tool designed to create professional-looking photos efficiently and affordably. It's especially handy for those who need to generate high-quality images without a dedicated studio or expensive equipment. A standout feature of Photoroom is its background remover tool, which is noted for being twice as accurate as similar apps, enabling users to focus on the foreground by eliminating unwanted background elements.

Photoroom also features an object removal tool, allowing instant removal of unwanted objects or defects with a simple swipe. This is particularly valuable for editing large numbers of photos quickly. Additionally, Photoroom offers batch editing and AI-powered Instant Backgrounds, creating realistic, studio-quality product images in seconds. These features collectively make Photoroom a comprehensive solution for various photo editing needs.

Unique Advantages of Photoroom

  • Background Remover Tool: A highly accurate tool for removing and replacing backgrounds.

  • Object Removal Tool: Efficiently removes unwanted elements from photos.

  • Batch Editing Feature: Allows swift editing of hundreds of photos.

  • AI-Powered Instant Backgrounds: Generates studio-quality product images quickly.

  • Versatile Use Cases: Suitable for content creators, small business owners, and photography enthusiasts.

Photoroom Pricing

  • Starting Price: $12.99 per month.

  • Free Package or Trial: Photoroom offers a 7-day free trial and a free plan with access to basic features and functionalities, with a maximum of 250 exports.

Photoroom Pricing
Photoroom Pricing

Best For

Photoroom is ideal for content creators, small business owners, and anyone needing quick, professional photo edits without extensive equipment or software. The platform's intuitive interface and streamlined processing cater to diverse photo editing needs.

Maximizing AI in Photo Editing: Practical Tips for Stunning Results

User in a virtual environment exploring 3D AI photo editing features, with interactive displays of real-time editing, color correction, in a vibrant high-tech setting with blues and purples.

Embrace Trial and Error

AI photo editing is a journey of discovery and experimentation. It's not always about getting it right the first time. Instead, it's about playing with different prompts, settings, and brush areas. If the initial result isn't what you expected, don't be discouraged. Make adjustments, try again, and remember that often, the magic of AI lies in refinement​​.

Utilize AI Filters and Effects

AI-powered filters and effects can dramatically transform your photos, offering new creative styles and inspirations. When using these tools, it's essential to choose the right settings based on the content of your photo. For instance, when editing a selfie, avoid harsh saturation and contrast; for landscapes, more natural filters might be preferable. Remember, AI provides suggestions based on its algorithms, but adding your creative flair to finalize the design is crucial​​.

Understand AI's Limitations and Biases

AI, while powerful, is not perfect. It's important to recognize its limitations and inherent biases. AI tools can sometimes struggle with understanding complex or unusual images, leading to unexpected results. Be aware that AI systems might reflect biases present in their training data, especially in areas like skin tone representation. Accept these imperfections and use them as a reminder of the value of human intuition and creativity in photo editing​​​​.

Wrapping Up: Key Insights from Our Exploration of AI in Photo Editing

The Journey of AI in Photo Editing

Embarking on the AI photo editing path means embracing a trial-and-error approach. Navigating this path demands patience and an eagerness to explore different tools and settings. It's not about perfection on the first try but about exploring possibilities and learning from each attempt. As we navigate through AI's capabilities, we discover that its true power lies in the subtle art of refinement, enhancing our creative processes in unexpected ways​​.

The Creative Power of AI Filters and Effects

AI has brought a new dimension to photo editing, offering an array of filters and effects that can transform ordinary images into extraordinary creations. The key is to understand the settings that work best for different types of photos. Whether it's a selfie or a landscape, choosing the right AI tools and applying a personal touch can make all the difference. This blend of AI's suggestions and our creative input leads to unique and captivating results​​.

Embracing AI's Limitations and Biases

Understanding AI's limitations is crucial. While AI tools offer remarkable capabilities, they're not without their flaws and biases. These limitations remind us of the invaluable role of human intuition and creativity in the realm of photo editing. Recognizing these aspects helps us use AI responsibly and creatively, ensuring we get the best out of this powerful technology while remaining mindful of its constraints​​​​.


FAQs: Navigating the World of AI Software for Photo Editing

Discover the most frequently asked questions in the exciting realm of AI software for photo editing. Here, we address common inquiries, providing clarity and insight to both beginners and seasoned users in this rapidly evolving field.

Question: What is AI in photo editing?

Answer: In photo editing, AI involves employing Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve and alter images. This includes automating routine tasks like cropping, color correction, and object removal and more complex tasks like creating realistic effects or altering image composition. AI leverages algorithms and machine learning to understand and modify images, often producing results faster and sometimes more accurately than traditional manual editing.

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Question: How does AI enhance photo quality?

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Question: Can AI software create realistic photo effects?

Question: How does AI handle object removal in photos?

Question: What are the limitations of AI in photo editing?

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Question: How can AI be used ethically in photo editing?


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