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Riverside FM Review: Honest Reflections on Podcasting Gear

Embarking on the journey of dissecting, I tread the waters of this platform with the eyes of both a critic and a fervent podcaster. In the unfolding narrative, I'll traverse through Riverside FM's inception, its toolbox that's stirring the podcasting domain, pricing, potential areas of growth, and its accessibility to both novices and seasoned podcasters. The expedition through Riverside FM's ecosystem is bound to unveil facets that could either elevate your podcasting venture or have you scouting for alternatives.

The Podcast Renaissance

Rverside fm review & website screenshot
Rverside fm website

Unfurling the Podcasting Canvas

The realm of podcasting has metamorphosed into a vibrant canvas, painting audio tales and wisdom in rich, resonant hues. Riverside FM emerges as an adept artist with tools that promise to add depth and detail to the burgeoning tapestry of digital dialogues.

Navigating the Auditory Odyssey

The auditory odyssey that podcasts offer is a blend of eloquence, insight, and the human touch. They bridge minds over distances, creating a cornucopia of ideas. Riverside FM seeks to be the compass for podcasters in this odyssey, offering a platform where clarity in audio and video forms the cardinal directions.

The Ever-changing Podcast Realm

The realm of podcasting is in a constant state of flux, unveiling fresh avenues for storytelling and the dissemination of knowledge. Platforms like are navigating the forefront, piloting the podcasting ship into seas of innovation, where the horizon brims with prospects for more lucid dialogues and captivating narratives.

The Genesis of Riverside FM

A speaker with headphones and other electronic equipment

Birthing a Podcast Virtuoso emerged amidst a blossoming podcast culture, with an aim to redefine the technical milieu of this auditory realm. Its inception was an answer to the call for superior audio and video quality, a quest to elevate the podcasting medium to a pedestal of excellence.

Crafting a Niche

From the get-go, Riverside FM carved a niche in the podcasting domain. Its voyage commenced with a clear vision – to offer a robust platform where podcasters could transcend the traditional barriers of audio and video quality, irrespective of their expertise level.

A Visionary Voyage

The voyage of is akin to a river carving its way through the digital landscape, shaping the contours of podcasting with every bend. It's more than a platform; it's a visionary in the podcasting realm, with an arsenal of tools poised to redefine the way stories are told and heard.

The Toolbox Unveiled

A man wearing headphones in the desert in front of an orange sun background

High-Resolution Recording

Riverside. fm's flagship feature is its local recording capability of up to 4K video resolution. Unlike other platforms, where a poor internet connection can lead to choppy, pixelated recordings, ensures smooth and freeze-free outcomes thanks to local recording for all participants. The local recording feature is a lifeline for podcasters, ensuring that the quality of the recording remains unaffected by internet glitches​​.

Crystal Clear Audio

The pursuit of impeccable audio is a cornerstone of Riverside FM's offerings. It empowers users to record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for every guest, which is a testament to its commitment to delivering unadulterated audio quality. This feature is a boon for audiophiles and professional podcasters who are particular about sound clarity​​.

Continuous File Uploading

Riverside. fm's continuous file uploading is akin to having a safety net during your recording sessions. It diligently uploads everyone's audio and video to the cloud during the recording, ensuring that the files are promptly available for download once the session ends. Even if a computer crashes or reloads during a session, the recordings are saved automatically, making it a reliable choice for podcasters​.

Separate Audio & Video Tracks

The platform extends the ability to download separate audio and video tracks for every participant, a feature that opens up a playground of possibilities in post-production. It's a thoughtful feature that allows for a granular level of control during the editing process, making it a preferred choice for podcasters keen on post-production perfection​​.

AI-Powered Transcriptions

Riverside FM harnesses the power of AI to offer transcriptions with a striking accuracy of 99%. It not only transcribes but also captions recordings in a flash, supporting more than 100 languages. This feature is a timesaver and a valuable asset for content creators targeting multilingual audiences​.

Text-Based Audio and Video Editor

Stepping into the future of post-production, Riverside FM offers a text-based audio and video editor that simplifies the editing process immensely. By just editing a transcript, users can edit the audio and video, a feature that is bound to be a game-changer in podcast editing, making post-production less daunting for the uninitiated​​.

Magic Clips Creation

The Magic Clips feature is where AI meets creativity. With a single click, Riverside FM transforms long-form recordings into bite-sized clips. AI identifies the best moments, making it effortless to create engaging short-form content, a feature that's both time-saving and innovative​.

Mobile Recording

With the app, high-quality recording is now portable. It leverages the exceptional camera quality of smartphones and iPads, ensuring that users can record audio and video in high quality on the go, making podcasting a more flexible and spontaneous endeavor​​.

Community Streaming and Engagement isn't just about recording; it's about community engagement too. It allows users to live stream their interviews to various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn simultaneously. Additionally, it provides features for scheduling and inviting guests with a click and sharing live recording sessions with an audience link, making it a holistic platform for creating and sharing content​.

Content Repurposing

The platform's emphasis on repurposing content is evidenced by its transcription and Magic Clips features. Converting podcasts and videos into text or short-form content can be done swiftly, enabling users to find highlights and quotes quickly. It's a step towards making content creation a more versatile and fruitful endeavor​​.

How Much Does Cost

Riverside fm review & pricing
Riverside fm pricing

Free Package: The Entry Point

Riverside FM extends an invitation to the podcasting realm with its Free package. This tier is akin to a tasting menu, offering a glimpse into the Riverside FM ecosystem with 2 hours of separate audio & video tracks (one-off), unlimited single-track recording and editing, and up to 720p video quality. However, this tier brands your exported files with a watermark, which might deter those keen on a polished output​.

Standard Package: The Next Step

Scaling up the ladder, the Standard package, priced at $19 per month or $15 per month when billed annually, is tailored for individual creators. It extends the offering to 5 hours of separate audio & video tracks per month and elevates the video quality to 4K. Say goodbye to watermarks on your exported files and hello to screen sharing and live streaming to social media. It's a tier that begins to unlock the robust capabilities of for an affordable price​​.

Pro Package: The Popular Choice

Marked as the most popular, the Pro package is for professional creators, priced at $29 per month or $24 per month when billed annually. It further expands the separate audio & video tracks to 15 hours per month. This tier introduces features like accepting live call-ins, unlimited transcriptions, and live chat support, which could be instrumental for those looking to have a dynamic interaction with their audience and streamline their workflow​.

Business Package: The Premium Suite

On the pinnacle sits the Business package, designed for companies and agencies. For pricing, one needs to contact sales, indicating a tailored pricing model based on the specific needs of larger teams or projects. This tier unveils a suite of premium features like unlimited separate audio & video tracks, custom seat packages, and additional controls like managing audio levels & changing the input/output devices of participants remotely. It's a package that encapsulates a comprehensive solution for professional podcasting endeavors​.

Price Assessment: A Balanced Proposition?

Upon scrutinizing the pricing tiers of, it's palpable that the platform strives to cater to a broad spectrum of podcasters. The tiered pricing model exhibits a thoughtful approach, ensuring individuals and entities at various stages of podcasting can find a package that resonates with their needs and budget. The Free package is a gentle nudge for novices, while the ascending tiers offer a graduated enhancement in features, making the pricing feel justified. The Business package, though veiled in a 'contact sales' cloak, hints at a custom pricing model, which could be a double-edged sword - potentially lucrative for large entities yet could appear elusive to the curious eye. Overall, the pricing structure strikes a balance between accessibility and premium offerings, reflecting a pragmatic understanding of the diverse podcasting community.

Navigating the Realm of Improvement

an audio monitor that shows some graphs

Navigating Echo Troubles

In my expedition through Riverside. fm's landscape, I stumbled upon a hiccup - the occasional echo during recordings. Though it was a mere whisper in the grand narrative, it hinted at a room for refinement. A more robust echo cancellation feature could be the compass, leading to smoother audio terrains.

The Quest for Community Engagement

My journey on was akin to sailing on a vast sea with an array of tools at my disposal. Yet, I found myself yearning for a bustling harbor - a community hub where creators and listeners could anchor their thoughts, exchange ideas, and foster a sense of belonging. A community forum or a collaborative space within could be the harbinger of a more enriched user experience, knitting a tapestry of engaging interactions that could set sail to new creative horizons.

Envisioning Interactive Horizons

As I sailed through, I yearned for more interactive features - a realm where listeners could become a part of the narrative. An interactive Q&A feature or live polling could be the vessels that ferry towards more engaging and communal podcasting shores, nurturing a vibrant ecosystem.

The Quest for Community Engagement

My journey on was akin to sailing on a vast sea with an array of tools at my disposal. Yet, I found myself yearning for a bustling harbor - a community hub where creators and listeners could anchor their thoughts, exchange ideas, and foster a sense of belonging. A community forum or a collaborative space within could be the harbinger of a more enriched user experience, knitting a tapestry of engaging interactions that could set sail to new creative horizons.

User Experience: Navigating Familiar and Unknown Waters

Two businessmen sitting near various kinds of books

The Gentle Tide for Novices

Embarking on the voyage, the calm waters were a respite for a novice like me. The intuitive interface was my compass, guiding effortlessly through the podcasting odyssey. The gentle learning curve was akin to a calm tide guiding my vessel into the podcasting realm.

Delving into Expert Waters

As I ventured deeper, proved to be a stalwart companion for the seasoned podcaster too. The array of advanced tools was like seasoned sailors aboard my ship, aiding in navigating the complex waters of podcasting. The platform's depth didn't overshadow its ease of use, making the voyage engaging and fruitful.

The Harbor of Support

The support harbor at was a safe haven amidst the podcasting voyage. Yet, I yearned for a bustling dock where queries could find instant anchors. A more vibrant live support or community forum could be the lighthouse, illuminating the path for both novices and veterans enriching the user experience manifold.

Weighing the Anchors: Deliberations Before Mooring in the Riverside FM Review

The Spectrum of Needs

Embarking on the voyage required a compass of clear objectives. The spectrum of my podcasting needs was the first anchor to weigh. From the scale of podcasting operations the frequency of episodes, to the level of engagement with the audience, each facet demanded scrutiny to ensure the voyage with would be harmonious.

The Budget Compass

The winds of budgetary considerations were next to steer the decision. offered a range of packages, each with its own treasure trove of features. The alignment of my budgetary compass with the offerings of was essential to ensure that the voyage would not lead to a fiscal shipwreck but rather a treasure island of value.

The Horizon of Growth

Lastly, gazing at the horizon of growth was paramount. The scalability of Riverside. fm's offerings needed to resonate with the envisioned expansion of my podcasting venture. A platform that could sail alongside, adapting to the growing tides of my podcasting endeavor, was a lighthouse guiding the decision to moor at Riverside. fm's harbor. Each package offered a different horizon; assessing the long-term scalability ensured that the platform would remain a steadfast companion in the unfolding podcasting narrative.

Reflecting Upon The Voyage: An Odyssey of Discoveries

Navigating the Toolbox

The voyage through Riverside. fm's toolbox was akin to discovering hidden coves filled with treasures. The high-resolution recording, seamless live streaming, and innovative text-based editing were the jewels that embellished the podcasting journey. Each tool was a compass leading to uncharted territories of podcasting excellence.

The Value Proposition

Weighing the gold against the doubloons, the value proposition of emerged as a balanced scale. The tiered pricing model catered to a spectrum of podcasters, from novices to seasoned sailors. The balance between cost and features was a well-charted map leading to a treasure island of value, making the voyage worth the doubloons spent.

Charting Future Courses

As I anchor at the end of this review, the horizon of beckons with a promise of continuous exploration. The potential areas of improvement are distant islands awaiting discovery. With a robust foundation, has the vessel to chart courses to these islands, evolving into an even more formidable haven for podcasters. The journey thus far paints a promising picture, with unexplored islands on the map awaiting discovery in the podcasting odyssey.

* Riverside FM is only one of several speech to text options available for you. Click on the link to read some information about the best speech to text out there.


Navigating Queries: The Riverside FM FAQs

Delve into the common curiosities surrounding as we unravel the answers to frequently asked questions, guiding you through the waves of inquiry to a shore of clarity.

Question: What is Riverside fm?

Answer: Riverside fm is a modern platform designed for recording studio-quality podcasts and videos. It offers an array of features, including high-fidelity audio and video recording, multi-track recording, live streaming, AI-driven transcription, and post-production tools. It caters to both individual creators and professional podcasters, with an intuitive interface that simplifies the recording and editing process.

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